Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New: 8-string Guitar in Trainer HD

Today, all editions of our Trainer HD apps have been updated to version 4.8, which includes a major new feature: the addition of the 8-string electric guitar as a new instrument!

8-string Electric Guitar

More and more manufacturers are now offering 8-string guitars for sale, and we felt there was a growing need to have an app to help you learn its unique fretboard. We believe Trainer HD is the first iOS guitar app to actually do so!

This new instrument complements the existing instruments for 6-string guitar (electric and acoustic), 7-string electric and 12-string acoustic. This brings the total number of instruments available in the Trainer HD apps to eleven!

Like all instruments, this one comes with a few standard tunings, and you are also able to define your own custom tunings if needed.

Update your app today or get the free edition now to give it a try! The instrument can be fully unlocked through an in-app purchase, at the same price as the other guitars. If you bought all instruments previously, either as an in-app bundle or through our Complete Edition, then you'll get the new 8-string guitar for free after you update!


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